Back Bay Dredging Project

Back-Bay-Dredging-ProjectBack Bay Dredging Project

Ocean City, New Jersey

In 2012, Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. was awarded the contract to complete dredging operations in Back Bay. A total of five waterways were dredged including: Clubhouse Lagoon, South Harbor Lagoon, Sunny Harbor Lagoon, Venetian Bayou Lagoon and Carnival Bayou Lagoon.

Hydro-Marine began the dredging process by excavating the existing Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) to increase the size. The CDF bottom was excavated and site walls were built up to accommodate dredge materials. Hydro-Marine also reconstructed the site outflow pipe and weir in preparation for the new spoils.

Portions of each lagoon were dredged to a minimum elevation of -4.0 to a maximum of -5.0 as designated in the contract plans. Contract plans depicted approximately 89,200 C.Y. of dredge material for removal from these lagoons based upon a 2011 survey. Exact GPS coordinates were found utilizing the limits shown on the drawings, as various stakes were installed to guide the dredgers along proposed dredging limits. Additional surveys were performed after dredging operations, confirming elevations met the minimum contractual requirement.

Hydro-Marine performed water quality tests at the spoils’ site to ensure only clean water cascaded over the weir into the bay.

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