Emergency Repairs at Ohio Avenue Bridges

ohio aveEmergency Repairs At Ohio Bridges Structure Nos. 01AT-L01 & 01AT-L02

Atlantic County, NJ

In 2014, Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. completed the repair of two bridges on Ohio Avenue which included repairs to the timber piles. Both bridges are constructed of timber pile pier bents with timber piles and retaining wall at the abutments. The bridges were immediately closed after W.J. Castle performed the routine underwater inspection of the bridges and found that several of the timber piles and bracing exhibited advanced decay and up to 100% section loss with severe corrosion on the bracing hardware. Public safety was the first concern for all involved entities.

Bridge Bridge L01 over Venice Lagoon is a seven span bridge and 18 of the timber piles were jacketed using Denso SeaShield Jackets. New pile sections had to be spliced at several of the existing abutment piles to replace the deteriorated sections and then jackets installed. Timber cross bracing was removed and replaced in kind in various locations.

Bridge L02 over Penrose Canal is a five span bridge with 23 of the timber piles jacketed with Denos SeaShield Jackets. New steel piles and cap beams were driven in front of the existing abutment since the abutment piles were too deteriorated to be utilized.

All work was completed in accordance with the project specifications and the bridge was opening in 2014.

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