Mispillion River Timber Jetty Removal

Removal-Of-Existing-Timber-JettyRemoval of Existing Timber Jetty

Slaughter Beach, Delaware Cedar Creek & Mispillion River

In 2009, The Castle Group was awarded the contract by the United States Army Corp. of Engineers (USACE) to evaluate and remove the existing timber jetty. The jetty was located in the confluence of Cedar Creek and Mispillion River in Slaughter Beach, Delaware.  The jetty was comprised of a single row of timber piles with waler boards and timber sheeting.  The 1,100 L.F. ± jetty was heavily deteriorated. The majority of the structure was submerged below the waterline, creating a hidden hazard for boat traffic.

Once the jetty extents were located, Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. completed removal of the structure. Divers cut timbers at mudline using underwater burning tools and then attached rigging to lift pieces onto the work barge.  Debris was taken offsite to be offloaded at an approved disposal site. Upon project completion, our side scan sonar survey was performed to confirm the jetty was removed in accordance with USACE specifications. The survey confirmed all timbers were cut to within 6”-9” above the mudline, well within parameters. The survey was also able to detect miscellaneous debris lying along the channel bottom. A report and drawing showing survey results was submitted to the USACE. Work began on the jetty in October 2009 and was completed by November 2009.

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