Pier Construction Palmyra Cove

Engineering-and-construction-of-boardwalks-piers-and-nature-trailsEngineering & Construction of Boardwalks, Piers and Nature Trails

Palmyra Cove Nature Center Palmyra, New Jersey

In 2011, Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. was awarded the contract to complete construction of new pathways, timber boardwalks and piers located at Palmyra Cove Nature Center in New Jersey.  A total of three timber piers (~310 L.F.), four timber boardwalks (~1035 L.F.), and ~3,310 L.F. of trails were constructed by Hydro-Marine.

The proposed timber walkway and piers were value engineered by W.J. Castle to provide the client with cost reduction and increased construction efficiency. The new design included a total of 239 Earth Contact helical piles with bents spaced at 12 foot on-center at both the piers and boardwalks. Proposed layout and locations were set by the client and all work was completed within the 8 foot right-of-ways. Traditional heavy equipment could not be used due to marshy conditions. Hydro-Marine retrofitted a swamp buggy with a pile driving head to install helical anchors.

Hydro-Marine performed all site work including clearing of the trails, construction of boardwalk and piers, and final cleaning. Site clearing and construction began in May 2011 and was completed by December 2011.

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