Pier Rehabilitation

JD253 HM Pier 217Pier Rehabilitation

Pier 217 North, Philadelphia, PA

In 2017, Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. (Hydro) was retained as a subcontractor for the rehabilitation of Pier 217 North, located along the Delaware River just south of the Betsy Ross Bridge. The pier supports the outfall pipe for a sewerage treatment plant. The timber low deck structure exhibited areas of failure in the timber piles and caps, mostly at the outshore end, as well as miscellaneous spalls on the concrete seawall located in the tidal zone.

Hydro divers installed approximately a dozen fiberglass encasement jackets ranging up to 25’ long on the damaged piles. The jackets were pumped with a specialty underwater structural grout. In addition to the timber defects, there was scour in several areas at the base of the outfall pipes. Divers were used to install concrete grout bags to stabilize and protect the channel bottom in this area. Miscellaneous support work included debris removal, repairing a section of damage pile cap, and replacing some of the timber skirt boards. Hydro divers remained available on-call to provide any additional underwater construction work needed during the additional repairs.

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