Pile Jacket Installation at County Bridge

county bridgePile Jacket Installation at Canton-Greenwich Road Bridge Over Stow Creek

Cumberland County, NJ

In 2013, as part of the rehabilitation of the bridge, Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. completed the installation of 70 pile jackets. Forty-Two  of the pile jackets were structural and twenty-eight  were protective jackets, each measuring 10 foot long. The extent of deterioration on the existing timber piles determined the type of jacket required. Both types of jacket were manufactured by Denso. The structural jacket consisted of a SeaShield Series 400 Fiber Form Jacket with Carbon Fiber Grid and the protective jacket was constructed of SeShield Series 90 HDPE Jacket, both were filled with SeaShield UW Grout.

Due to the presence of several horizontal timber walers and vertical sheeting at the abutments, modifications to the abutment jackets were required. To keep the timber retaining walls intact. The jackets were cut around the walers and the gap filled with splash zone material to seal the area.

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