Pile Jacket Installation at JFK Bridge

JFK BridgePile Jacket Installation at JFK Bridge (EH-48) Over Risley Channel

Atlantic County, NJ

In 2014, Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. working as a subcontractor, completed the installation of 115 pile jackets at the bridge. The first eight piers are constructed of timber pile bents and the remaining piers are constructed of steel pipe piles.

There were three types of jackets installed on the timber piles based upon level of deterioration. Approximately forty-nine (49) Denso SeaShield Series 90 protective jackets were installed and sixty-three (63) Denso SeaShield Series 400 structural jackets were installed. Due to severe deterioration, twelve of these piles required splicing new timber pipes to existing pile. These piles were then encased in the Series 400 jackets.The steel pipe piles were repaired using a Denso Series 100 jackets.

All work was performed by Hydro-Marine personnel and due to the tides, approximately 90 piles had to be installed from our barges and push boats.

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