removalRemoval of 220LF of Cable at Garden State Parkway bridge

Cape May County, New Jersey

In 2013 Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. completed the removal of a submarine power cable located at the Garden State Parkway Bridge in Cape Man for Atlantic City Electric. There was one energized cable and one de-energized cable. Buoy markers were used to show the approximate location of the de-energized cable on either side of the bridge. The J.W. Fisher Cable Tracker was then used to pinpoint the exact location of the cable. Divers jetted the channel bottom and attached rigging to the cable to life onto the work barge. Once on the work barge, approximately 200 linear feet of submarine cable was cut. Each end of the cable was sealed and the remaining portions of the cable were reburied. The portion of the cable that was removed was disposed of offsite.

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