RT 35 Bridge Rehabilitation, New Jersey

Route-35-BridgeBridge Rehabilitation, Route 35 Bridge over Cheesequake Creek

Middlesex County, New Jersey

In 2012, Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. was retained by Agate Construction for the rehabilitation of the Route 35 Bridge including: installation of concrete jackets, concrete armor units (A-Jacks) around the piers, and concrete mats (ACBM) in the main channel.

The existing concrete pier faces were cleaned of soft/loose materials; then steel reinforcing was anchored to pier faces. EFCO steel formwork varied in height with a maximum of 26 feet. Concrete was pumped to assure no cement entered the waterway.

The A-Jacks were installed using a crane working from our work barge. The scour in the main channel was filled with ACBM mattresses with stone bedding.

Strong currents, low underwater visibility, and heavy marine traffic created a challenging work site. Preparation and tight scheduling were used to take advantage of limited waterway closings causing danger to our divers and limited site access. Sonar imaging, including both scanning sonar and side scan were used to help locate existing cables and confirm placement of new materials.

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