Submarine Cable Repair – Ocean City, New Jersey

location-and-repair-submarine-power-cableSubmarine Power Cable

Ocean City, New Jersey

As part of our two-year contract with Atlantic City Electric, Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. was contracted in 2009 to repair the damaged power cable located in Ocean City, NJ near the Beesley’s Point Bridge.  Hydro crews, working from a company barge, provided the man-power, equipment, and expertise to repair the breaks and/or damage to the submarine power cables. The entire project was completed within one month, including mobilization and demobilization of all equipment and personnel. The actual repair of the cable was completed within 2-3 weeks.

To locate the break in the cable, Atlantic City Electric sent a high frequency sound through the cable while Hydro-Marine divers used our JW Fisher Cable Tracker to locate the exact point of the break. Buoys were placed to mark the spot of the damaged cable, while divers jetted the channel bottom material around the cable in order to attach rigging. The barge crane pulled the damaged cable from the channel bottom and Hydro-Marine personnel supported Atlantic City Electric workers to repair the damaged cable. The repaired cable was lowered back on the channel bottom then re-buried by jetting.

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