Wave Breaker at Canal Point Marina

Design & Installation of Main Bulkhead/Wave Breaker at Canal Point Marina

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

design-and-installation-of-main-bulkhead-breakerIn 2008, The Castle Group was retained by the Canal Point Marina to provide the design/build services for a new bulkhead at their facilities. The original bulkhead was undermined and deteriorated and no longer functioning as designed.

The proposed design included installation of new composite sheeting and new additional timber piles to restore the original capacity of the structure. The existing piles and walers left in place and incorporated in the construction of the new bulkhead.

Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. was retained to perform the construction of the new bulkhead.  Approximately 290 feet of new composite sheeting was installed in front of the existing bulkhead with an additional 20 L.F. along the walkway. Twenty-one new timber piles were installed along the bulkhead and three additional 10-inch diameter timber piles were installed near the walkway as per the client’s specification.

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